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The Bed Bug Infestation’s 5 Stages

A bed-bug invasion is becoming among the most dreadful pest control problems in Canada and a growing number of frequent situations actually affect property owners. This summer the situation could get worse because of the warmer weather we expect to experience. Needless to say, pest control companies in Vancouver, Winnipeg, Toronto and other cities will be ready to serve.

With this mating period, bear in mind once you read the lowdown about the 5 phases of the bed bug invasion you will be aware of what to look out for.

  1. Scratching – Bed bugs often bite in groups, so you might have bed bugs under your blankets if you discover a bunch of red, itchy areas on your body often around your throat, thighs, back or hands.
  2. Examination. – It’s always easier to control before bed bugs become an all out invasion, therefore begin your appointment early. Bed bugs often leave behind signs such as body feces, so odds are if you find some inexplicable stains of black spots in your blankets then it is bed bug waste.
  3. Locating the bed bugsBed bugs often hide in concealed joints such as the sides, underneath or panels of the bed and mattresses. Bring a torch and magnifier when you have to look for bed bugs to make it easier to spot them. Once you have established that there are bed bugs in your house then you must take immediate action before you get an infestation.
  4. Who to contact? – The moment you have established there are certainly bed bugs inside your home contact your local insect management specialist immediately. Bed bugs are not the easiest pest control problem to deal with on your own and if you do not eliminate them you could soon end up with an infestation which not only carries the risk of secondary infections from their bites but can also be a stressful time for the whole family. Trying to save money by going down the DIY route can effectively end up costing you a lot more in the long run.
  5. Peace – Your pest control company have successfully eliminated the bed bugs from your house so now you and your family can be assured that you will get a good nights sleep without fear of waking up in the morning having been bitten.
Ticks Are Consuming Pets in Ottawa and Why You Should Be Worried

Ticks are becoming a big concern for the residents in Ottawa, and you really can’t blame the homeowners to start worrying about their pets and home being a host and breeding ground for ticks to grow and multiply. These suckers may seem little, but they pose danger not just to pets, but to everyone it can crawl and suck on.

Ticks are recognized for transferring a few, but dangerous diseases such as anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease, which is known to emerge this year. If you are situated in bushy and warm areas, which are known to be tick-infested, then you should know how to control tick in case of infestation or have an Ottawa tick pest control service to contact in case you are not sure how to deal with it.

Ticks feed on blood

Think of them as little vampires. Being an ectoparasite, ticks suckle on its host’s blood. They serve by affixing themselves with the body of the host and ploughing their heads underneath the skin. Ticks’ usual host are pets and cattle, but at times they find themselves attached to humans.

On humans, they favorite spots include the scalp, armpits, belly button and the most alarming inside the ears. They like to multiply by laying eggs in cracks and splits of the floorboards and other areas of the house they feel suited. The problem is, because they are small, you may only notice their increase in number until it’s too late.

Ventilation Cleaning Services: How to Choose the Best Company to Clean Your Ducts And Furnace

Ventilation is the mechanism by which air is let into and circulated within a building. It entails the use of such equipment as Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning equipment, fans, ventilation holes, air ducts, furnaces and filtration systems among others. Such pieces of equipment do get clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and debris with time. They can also get blocked by unwanted pests that find the dark, warm moist area cosy and they decide to build nests and breed. Rats and mice are notorious for chewing through things and will try to get into your ductwork whereas the common cockroach or ants will simply just squeeze through one of the vents that are around your home. This calls for them to be cleaned from time to time to keep them in the perfect working condition.  The proceeding discussions are devoted to the subject matter of selecting the most appropriate ventilation cleaning company.

Since the field of ventilation cleaning services, alternatively known as air duct cleaning services, is awash with innumerable players, prospective clients are often confused as to which one may effectively handle their unique needs. There are literally thousands of company’s that can provide the service to you no matter where you live. All the major cities throughout Canada such as Montreal, Calgary, Ottawa, Vancouver and Toronto will have hundreds of HVAC companies based in them and even smaller places such as Victoria or Winnipeg will still have an abundance of suitably qualified technicians available.  The object of the ensuing discourse is centered on that particular theme. It dares to guide prospective clients on how best to confront the issue of selecting the appropriate ventilation cleaning company by identifying, highlighting and explaining in finer details the main points to consider.